Origin Story

Research the Law is an electronic text book that teaches students about legal authority and how to efficiently find it. A consortium of law professors at Western Michigan University Cooley Law School created it. It’s based on a research series that Professor Joseph Kimble created in the 1980s that used cutting-edge technology—a Sony Walkman—to physically take students through the research process. We don’t use Walkmans anymore, instead opting for HD video and green screens, but his revolutionary teaching model is the soul of Research the Law.

We created this e-book so students could have a multi-sensory learning experience—something a paper text book just can’t offer. It allows students to truly learn because they are practicing the skill that employers require.

A Note to Students

This e-book is perfect for learning the fundamentals of researching both free and fee-based websites like Lexis Advance, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law. If your professor doesn’t require this e-book, you can use it to get extra knowledge and experience.

A Note to Librarians and Law Professors

We hope you choose to adopt Research the Law for your students. This e-book has been in use since 2011 with great results. Here are some of its highlights:
  • Students learn about all legal authority.
  • Students learn an efficient research process for not getting lost in information smog.
  • Through video, we show how to research in print, on free websites, and on fee websites like Lexis Advance, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law.
  • We use a learn-see-do teaching model, proven to get students ready for the real world.
  • Professors can keep tabs on their students’ progress so they know what to focus on in class.
  • Using Research the Law is flipping the classroom; having students learn the basics of research frees up class time.
  • The price is really low: just $15 for a one-year subscription.

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Please email Professor Brad Charles at charleb@cooley.edu for complimentary access.